Danny Fahy the light art specialist brings together science, art, and technology.

Danny Fahy started Light Art Specialist in 2012, Danny’s aim is to illuminate as many walls with inspirational messages and cutting edge graphic design art, bringing style and thinking clarity to as many people’s life’s as he can.

At a very young age, Danny found his innovative direction as a light art expert. Danny was taught to develop his creative thinking and high-quality workmanship by helping his father in thought analysis for various detail designs, helping him obtain a patent for a hydraulic sheeting system. This experience ignited an enthusiasm and passion for the creative thinking way of life.

Qualified in electronics and mechanical engineering, Danny spent 10 years carrying out the detailed design of various aspects of oil rigs. While studying Danny also fine-tuned his skills in home automation lightening programs. He then built and programmed his own home automation system and installed into his house, this included illuminated stairs and furniture, channelling his knowledge of automation and passion for creating illuminating master pieces.

With experience in working with materials from canvas to fiberglass, metals and woods to plastics, his diverse experience with materials enables him to add exceptional design and technique to each piece he creates.

At a time of reflection, Danny observed that he had a sensitivity to coloured lights, so planned to use his skills in detailed design and his hypersensitivity to light resulted in his own light art business.

Danny says, “What better way to spend days then focusing on my passion of detailed design and be surrounded by the feel good factor of colour changing light”.

Working today with clients ranging from the commercial shop and restaurant owners, Event and Party organizers to private clients in residential premises. Every project is approached with fresh enthusiasm, drawing on past project experience to produce unique eye-catching solutions for each individual project.

Light Art Specialist lighting installations have proven to enhance the surroundings they are set within.

So after reading this, if you’re interested in hiring me to commission a special piece just for you. I would love for you to fill in the contact me form and then let me arrange a free of charge consultation.

Danny the light artist uk Message:
“Whether you order on the internet, call us, or send us an email, we guarantee you the same favourable, sincere and professional consultancy, taking into consideration all the unique variables of each project”.
“We provide custom solutions, designed to you, your style, your lifestyle, and your one-of-a-kind project requirments”.
Take a look at some of Danny’s favourite masterpieces…

Light Art video