Design Fabrication Money

During the costing process, there are a list of variables which will be unique to each project, depending on the Art size and design intricacy.

If you’re unsure about what type of design you would like or you have an idea but need some clarity in final design decision making. Please take a look at the designing your lightart page here:

Some of the variables which will affect the final cost of Light art include:

  • Dimensions. The larger the size the more material that will be required
  • Material Thickness.  Depending on the colour of art, the lighter colours will need thicker materials as they are more transparent.
  • Type of LED. Single colour or colour changing LEDs. If colour changing then more electronics are required.
  • The detail of the art, will affect the designing time as the art, such things as LED location and manufacturing restrictions which will need to be overcome.  
  • The detail of the art, will affect the manufacturing time with getting the design embedded onto the chosen material  
  • The size of the art, the more electronic components will be required
  • Location the art is to be installed. Different hanging methods will be used. E.g. On a wall (supported from the back through hanging hocks) or in a window (window suckers and/or ceiling support)
  • Power supply requirements depending on how much LED is required.
  • Design type. Fixed design or removable design which can be swapped.

Once the costing has been complete, a full quotation will be sent to you for acceptance. Once the quote has been accepted the manufacturing process will take place.


Design Fabrication Manufacturing

Please allow upto 14 working days for manufacturing (thou it is usually finished in a quicker time)


Depending on the size of the art, the larger pieces will fall under larger parcel prices. Please get in contact for prices once we determine the size of your art.


The Light art comes in a secure professional packaging, surrounded by pleaty of resilient protection. If you receive the lightart with any damage. Please get in touch within 3 days of receiving art with issue. I will make sure the issue is resolved.
We use trust worthy professional package and delivery companies. We do not profit from delivery and packaging costs.


Design Fabiraction Install

I offer an installation service. The cost will vary depending on the type of install required.

Variables that are considered are If it’s a simple hanging job as described on this page

compared to a full in wall installation described here