This large white clock is a statement piece that would be a great center piece for your favorite wall in your establishment. With the Illuminated wall clock face and surround, you can enhance the mood of your room with this color changing clock.

The large clock comes with a designer surround which looks great when illuminated. You can choose your favorite color for it to be or you can let it scroll through its many colors, the scroll through option is my favorite and creates a really relaxing vibe.

UK manufactured and out of top quality materials, these unique wall clocks are offered in multiple designs. Perfect creating the mood while at home.

There currently is 3 different surround designs which you can find

They are the design on this page and:

Clock 2 page:

Clock 3 page:

The clock face itself is has a Glasgow station clock design which brings together old and new to create a truly unique piece.

Around the face of the clock is a color changing band that joins the clock face to the surround this also glows a vibrant color to help illuminate the face.

If you’re interested to have a different face design please check out the other clock pages or there is an option to have your own face designed

Other Designs achieved include illuminated numbers as seen here:

Please contact me if you’re interested in any of the clocks on this site or if you’re interested in hiring me to commission your own unique design.



Color Changing Clock