The magnificent, bright colourful small console table can help you to enhance the mood in your room for both your residential or commercial premises!
Elegant and slim, console tables are ideal for smaller spaces or narrow hallways and even the smallest apartment can benefit from the splash of colours a small console table provides.
Whether you want to have an awesome night party with your friends or use as an elegant end desk table by day, this table is perfect to impress others.

  • Illuminate a variety of colours, with the built in colour changing LED’s, where you can choose affixed colour or have the LED’s scroll through its colours to create a soothing ambiance.
  • Currently comes in 1 size with dimensions:

Table Width = 400mm x Table Height = 360mm x Table Depth = 380mm

The back of this table, where the LED’s are fixed, is also finished in a faux leather covering. The leather finish looks beautiful hugging the curved contour of the glass table complimenting the glass.

You can also have your favourite designs which could include your most preferred name or inspirational quote, as well as your favourite symbol which could be your company logo or favourite famous figure manufactured onto the glass, when the extremely bright LED lighting is illuminated the image also illuminates. This is a great opportunity to possess something which can allow you to enhance your branding capabilities or offered as a unique interior decoration which can make a perfect focal Centrepiece for your favourite room or even in your hallway.
If you’re installing the large console table into a room with finished decor, an attractive twisted silk fabric cable is offered which is offered in a variety of colours to match your décor. If you would like to learn more of the cable, please include a detailed description of the room décor in a message, submitting the colour of your walls, floor and furniture;. Ill then send you a few colours with images of the twisted silk cables I offer so I can help you choose a cable to match your interior.


Glass Art

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