Infinity mirrors were installed into cinema rooms. Helping to create a futuristic look to the room. The LED lighting system was controlled by a sound responsive controller. When the controller was activated the entire system produced a great effect during scenes like (but not limited to) thunder storm scenes which resulted in a more immersive filming experience.
When a low frequency sound was picked up the controller would active the durable LED lighting system making the infinity mirror come alive with the optical illusion appearing behind the mirror, creating a tunnel effect that the observer perceives as a real to life viewing experience, while at the same time being amazed at where this optical illusion has come from.
When the lighting system was turned off the mirror acts like a standard mirror with a clear reflection for the viewer.

There is no restrictions to the design that can be manufactured into the mirror, with one of the ceiling designs designed to match the diamond pattern featured on the wall paper of the room it was installed into.

The materials used for the ceiling infinity mirror are of a high quality with a wooden sub frame made that the mirror fitted into. And a high gloss acrylic facing to finish it off.

This is truly a unique interior decoration for your cinema room, a great addition to capture the attention of your friends and family and get them talking about your cinema room.

When you choose to use light art specialist services to do a unique bespoke cinema décor, our highly skilled and specialized experts can design and manufacture the light-art in any size
Installation using our team is an option or we can supply for you to use your local builder to install with our expert staff on hand to answer any installation questions.

Film infinity mirror when a thunder and lightning scene on the projector.


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