Light is said to be the most captivating form of modern art and holds the capacity to transform certain space in a way paint cannot. Among the various types of light decors, infinity mirror is one that is widely used for commercial purpose. When the lighting is off this mirror act as a standard mirror, however, with the lights on an optical illusion can be seen, thata fools the eye.

While manufacturing the Infinity mirrors, it is made sure that only toughened mirror and reliable LEDs are being used. This practice guarantees the long life of the products.

Call it a tunnel effect that appears to be coming from behind the wall, but in reality, it's the magic of lightning art. Toilet sign , name designs, logo arts, wall installations, backsplash designs, and game room decor, every sort of lightening décor is covered by us.

Come to me with your ideas and imaginations and I will provide you a wall décor based on it. All the products available are prepared under my personal guidance and even the delivery is guided by me. When you choose to go with the light art specialist it is made sure that the entire experience is one of high quality.
Starting from the material of the décor to the delivery, each step is covered with ultimate perfection. As for the materials used in these arts, I prefer going for hardwood frames and toughened glass. The product is delivered to your step in professional packaging.


Wall Installations