Illuminated light art is ideal for your commercial buildings. Placing the LightArt on your interior walls or put onto your windows.

Installation of light art ranges from places like cafés and restaurants to coffee shops, beauty parlours, and high-end laundrettes.

If you’re planning to arrange light art onto your interior walls, the art can be provided in a well finished acrylic structure or finest wooden frame which can be contrived the woodwork shop. Alternatively, if you’re making a choice at the beginning design stage of your commercial development, the art can be contrived and installed inside the place between the timber constructions of your wall, this will result in a made to fit piece that will result in a flush to the wall un-protruded result.

The lightart can accentuate any interior area as there is a range of colours available for the acrylic housing; you also have a choice to have complete control over the light colour the Art illuminates.

As this kind of lighting is starting to boost in popularity in the world of art, both in individual objects and integrated into architectural mastery. Light Art specialist is honoured in presenting an art, which is a replacement for Neon for interior projects. As the production time of this art is less than Neon, we are able to offer you the Art at a lot more affordable prices. With the benefits of also having the ability to control, the colour of your Art compared to the fixed 1 colour offering of Neon.

The Walls Art comes along with all hanging accessories to fix to walls or holders for putting on desks/tables.

Ideas for designs include things like your favourite symbolic representation including your company logo or preferred figure, a preferred name or preferred quotation produced into the Wall Art, making a special decoration that will make a terrific Centrepiece for any room. When the hall and wall lights are dimmed down, the Art will create an exceptional atmosphere, lighting the room with a colour to fit your mood.

If your someone who likes changing your walls regularly, with Light Art specialist Art, you're not tied to the same design as the front face which has the art is fixed by powerful magnets so can also be modified easily be removed and replaced with a brand new face with a unique art.

When you buy Light Art, it can be built in any size. If you’re putting art to a finished wall, the wall art is usually supplied with a stunning looking fabric cable. Make sure you add a description to your message, providing the colour of your walls. I will then provide you with a collection of fabric cables to suit your interior.


Light Art Commercial