Illuminated light art. Ideal for your Residential areas. This Art would make an excellent Centerpiece for your preferred wall in your house. With the Lighted wall art, you can greatly enhance the feelings or environment of your room with the flick of a switch.

The art is delivered in a smooth acrylic box or top quality wooden structure which is made in our workshop. If making a choice to buy at the design stage of your project the wall art can be set inside a purpose built void in your wall between the wall wood construction to gain a built in wall look.

The Art is made out of a high-quality acrylic and Bright fixed or colour changing LED’s, the light art can bring a touch of class to any interior décor since there is a wide range of acrylic colours, and also a selection to control the colour the art produces.

As this kind of lighting is rising in popularity among people in the world of art, both as single objects and completely integrated into architectural mastery. Light Art specialist is very blessed to be presenting an art, which is a wonderful alternate to Neon Art for residential interior projects. As the time to produce the art is less than the time used to produce Neon, the art I offer you can be bought at a lot more fairly priced. With an extra benefit of being able to manage the colour of your Art compared to Neon which is available in 1 fixed colour.

The Wall Art comes along with all hanging accessories to fix to walls or holders for putting on desks/tables.

A few of the many Ideas for designs normally include your preferred name or preferred quote, or even preferred symbol like your custom logo or preferred picture, making a unique item of decor that can work well as a Centrepiece for any of the areas in your house. When the room lights are dimmed down, the Art will create a mood-improving atmosphere, weather that’s to enhance energy or to help with a soothing effect, lighting the room with a colour to match your mood.

If your someone who likes changing your décor on a consistent basis, the art I provide to you has the potential to be modified, as the face which has the art contains built in robust magnets that allow you to change the face effortlessly so you may replace with a new face with more special art.

When you choose to buy Light Art, it is usually custom-made in any size. If you’re setting up the light art to a finished wall, a gorgeous looking fabric cable is provided which can go with your décor. Make sure you include a description of the wall décor on a message, giving the colour of your decor. I'll then send some samples of fabric cable that you are able to choose from to suit your interior.


Light Art Residential