Illuminated light art. Perfect for your Residential premises. This Art would make a great Center piece for your favourite wall in your home. With the Illuminated wall art, you can enhance the mood or atmosphere of your room with the flick of a switch.

If placing on your walls the art can be supplied in a sleek acrylic box or high quality wooden frame which is manufactured in our joinery shop. If making a decision to purchase at the design stage of your project the wall art can be placed inside the cavity of your wall between the timbers to achieve a built in wall look.

The Art is manufactured out of a quality acrylic and Bright fixed or colour changing LED’s the light art can add a touch of class any interior décor as there is a wide selection of acrylic colours, as well as option to control the colour the art emits.

As this type of lighting is increasing in popularity amongst people in the art world, both as single objects and fully integrated into architecture. Light Art specialist is extremely happy to be offering an art which is a great alternative to Neon Art for residential interior projects. As the time to manufacture the art is less then the time taken to produce Neon, the art I offer can be purchased at a much more reasonable price. With an added advantage of being able to control the colour of your Art compared to Neon which only comes in 1 fixed colour.

The Wall Art comes with all fixtures needed for hanging to your walls or stands for locating Art on your desks/tables.

Some of the many Ideas for designs can include your favourite name or favourite quote, or even favourite symbol such as your company logo or favourite figure, creating a unique piece of decor that will work well as a Centrepiece for any of the rooms in your house. When the room lights are dimmed down, the Art will produce a mood enhancing ambiance, weather that’s to increase energy or to help with a calming effect, lighting the room with a colour to suit your mood.

If your somebody who enjoys updating your décor on a frequent basis, the art I offer to you has the ability to be updated, as the face which contains the art has built in strong magnets that allow you to change the face easily so you can replace with a new face with more unique art.

When you decide to purchase Light Art, it can be constructed in any size. If you’re installing the light art to a finished wall, a beautiful looking fabric cable is offered which can match your décor. Please include a description of the wall décor on a message, supplying the colour of your decor. I will then send some examples of fabric cable that you can choose from to match your interior.


Light Art Residential